The Alliance

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A group of skilled stake pool operators joining forces and form The Alliance Stake Pools (ALLI)

“We are CARDANO”

You arrived at the Alliance Stake Pools (ALLI). The Alliance runs a stake pool to support a group of, currently, low-stake Cardano stake pools. The Alliance was born due to a group of Cardano stake pool operators, having too low stake, deciding to collaborate and join forces. The Alliance forms a gateway enabling low-stake stake pools to grow so these are anchored in the ecosystem of Cardano. Each of the operators pledged 10K ADA to the Alliance Stake Pools (ALLI) and together they strive to collect enough pledge and stake so ALLI can start minting blocks. The pool rewards are then distributed to the individual stake pools giving them a chance to grow and survive.

Besides members, the Alliance Stake Pools also welcomes sponsors. These are pools, with enough stake to produce blocks, that are willing to pledge 10K ADA, but do not expect any rewards in return. By doing this, they are actively helping decentralize the Cardano ecosystem.

Of course, we, The Alliance Stake Pools, also welcome delegators who are looking for a stake pool with special emphasis on supporting the Cardano ecosystem. The Alliance Stake Pools (ALLI) and its relay nodes run on premium bare metal servers with 24/7 uptime. Security has top-priority. We value your ADA.

”Our ADApool stats”

Total Stake
Blocks Lifetime
Blocks in epoch

“Why delegate to The Alliance?”

The Alliance supports the decentralization of Cardano by supporting the currently low-stake stake pools. By supporting The Alliance you as an investor/delegator are helping these pools transforming into healthy block producing stake pools with which the Cardano ecosystem becomes more decentralized.

The more (decentralized) healthy block producing stake pools, the healthier the Cardano ecosystem, the higher the value of the ecosystem and the higher the ada value (price). Decentralized in the sense of many good performing stake pools with different owners. The latter is essential for a healthy and sustainable blockchain, since it prevents Sybil attacks (owners/pools having too much power (stake) enabling them to take over the ecosystem). By delegating to The Alliance you as an investor/delegator are helping to increase the health and the value of the Cardano ecosystem with, as a side effect, the increase of the ada price (mid/long term).

The Alliance is aiming for a total active stake close to saturation level, which is currenlty 64M ada. With this amount of stake the ROI for you as an investor/delegator is high (short term) and next to that this amount helps the individual pools of The Alliance to anchor in the ecosystem.

Delegate to The Alliance for both short term high ROI (by delegating ada) and for mid/long term high ROI (due to your investment in ada).

“Become a co-owner”

To apply for becoming a co-owner of The Alliance Stake Pools (ALLI) as a low-stake pool operator, there are a couple of requirements:

  • Pool operator has an own Cardano Stake pool up and running
  • Pool operator has a minimum of 10k ada pledged in own pool
  • Pool operator does not have more than 3M stake in own pool
  • Pool operator will pledge 10k in the pool of The Alliance Stake Pools

Send your application to our Telegram Support group (Contact us below). A voting will be done by the current owners of the Alliance Stake Pools. You will receive a response within 48 hours or, in case a 51% majority is reached, sooner. We are looking forward to your application.

Notes on security:

A co-owner of The Alliance supplies his/her stake.vkey, stake.skey and delegation.cert of a newly created owner account, which is only for their co-ownership in The Alliance. With these files a bad actor could, in worst case, re-delegate his/her Alliance owner account to another pool. However, a bad actor can never touch his/her ada, when the co-owner keeps his/her own payment.skey safe, which is normal to do.

The shared rewards account of The Alliance is safeguarded by two key-keepers. In worst case, if they would act badly, they could steal the rewards of a few epoch. This would be noticed right away and every co-owner could undelegate the pledge from the pool and re-delegate to another pool to prevent missing out on rewards. 

The current members of the Alliance pool are:

  • WeQanHet stake pool [WEQNT]
  • HexadecimalPool [HEX]
  • WeAreAdaCardano [WAAC]
  • Byte Stake Pools [BYTE]
  • One Community ADA [1COMM]
  • EnigmA Staking Pool [ONE]
  • Ada Swing [SWING]
  • Pluto Stake Pool [PLUTO]
  • BM Pool [BMP]

The current sponsors of the Alliance pool are:

  • BeKind Stakepools Online [BKIND]

The pools on the waiting-list are called Patrons. The current Patrons for the Alliance pool are:

  • Currently there are no patrons.

Become a Member of The Alliance?

Reach out to us in case you have any questions and/or want to join The Alliance